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At around, 8:45pm Monday we saw a whippet pelting around the corner from St Anne's Rd past The Salisbury and right down the middle of Green Lanes. No owner in sight.

About an hour later it ran back past The Salisbury and I just saw it running up Effingham Rd, presumably having run up Harringay Road.

It must be very tired and scared by now so if there is any way anyone who sees it can tempt it to safety please try.

And if anyone knows the owner, obviously let them know

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There is a whippet missing from Ally Pally area called Blu, been missing to two weeks.  Was the whippet grey and white 

Maybe, I seem to remember a lighter grey but it was just a flash so it's possible. Unfortunately I have no idea where  the dog is now.

Don't think so - this one was definitely a whippet

187664_a.jpg  Possibly this dog. He runs fast apparently!

Believed to be a missing cockerpoo who disappeared at that time in that area. Now safe and sound. Check out his pic here.187664_a.jpg

Hope so!



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