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Hi - I’ve got a lively 3 year old female whippet who’d love to run with other sighthounds. We go to Finsbury Park and Ally Pally - but she’s bored and needs other dogs to play with.  Does anyone know of whippet/greyhound meet-ups in the local area? I think there’s one at Downhills Park on Sundays but I’ve lost their contact details. 


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I see a whole pack wander around on Sunday morning in Finsbury park at about 10.30 a.m. Lots of different owners all greyhound/whippet type dogs

That’s great to know. Thanks! I’ll go along and see if I can find them…

Hiya, there’s a greyhound and friends meet up in Ally Pally every month at 11am on the first (I think) or last Sunday of the month. Dogs are on the lead for the walk but you’ll probably find some happy to play / zoom around with after. 

Thank you so much! Emma 



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