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The tree on Wightman Road, opposite has gone. Anyone know what happened to it? Was it knocked down? Did someone steal it? Did the council remove it to make it easier for lorries to turn? Made me feel quite sad.

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Have you been in touch with Clare Pappalardo?

No, do you have her details please Hugh?

Clare Pappalardo

Senior Arboricultural Officer

Haringey Council

Arboricultural and Allotment Service, Level 4 Alexandra House, Station Road, London N22 7TY


In digging out this email address, I noticed that a recent exchange I had with her was when I queried the empty tree pit at the top of Allison. Clare told me that they been instructed to remove it by Highways. 

I had a helpful email and picture from Alex Fraser who works with Clare. I guess someone must have alerted then to the thread.

Alex wrote:

It was reported on 14/06 that a vehicle had knocked the tree over os 83 Wightman Road, N8. Unfortunately, it could not be replanted and had to be removed.



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