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Hi Everyone,

Please could you give me your recommendations for pub quizzes in Harringay or nearby? The only one I've been to is the one at The Salisbury on a Monday night. I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks! :)

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I think I noticed that the other day that the Beaconsfield was advertising a weekly pub quiz (on Tuesdays perhaps), but I've no idea if it's any good. 

Pretty sure the Beaconsfield quiz is on Thursdays at 9pm. There's a few teams but it's not hugely crowded, so you can join in if you just turn up.

We used to go quite a bit. It's a pretty relaxed affair. As a two person team we usually found we knew enough of the questions to not feel like idiots, but had no chance of winning it. If you come last you get to pick the specialist round for the following week, which is nice.


We have a weekly pub quiz here at The Westbury, starts around 8pm. The Brownswood (near The Castle) also has a weekly pub quiz on Wednesdays.  

Thanks, Lizzie (GM for The Westbury)


Try the ANTWERP ARMS the community owned pub in Tottenham, quizzes usually on tuesdays and very popular. 

went to this a while back.....not very good I'm afraid...quite boring questions...

Many thanks to all for your replies! I will be trying out at lease a couple of the quizzes you've mentioned. :)



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