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I have a wheel which has problem with the folding handle slipping from it joint.

I would think it should be a fairly easy fix for some who know how and has the right tools.

Can anyone help or recommend someone locally to get if fixed.

Ideally I would like to replace the bolt but if that is not possible may be it could be welded so we can carry on using it.


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Hi Glen

I might have the right tools to help you with this - let's discuss through a pm.

Just an update :

I took this to a local garage they adjusted it matter of 5 minutes. It just need the right tools and bit of knowledge.Charged me nothing ...but bought him a pint.

A shout-out for the garage perhaps?

Good Idea Hugh

The Garage is SPs Car Repairs - In the Car Park Area next to Beehive Pub. Used to use for years for MOT always found them reasonable and trust worthy.



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