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An Open Meeting For West Haringey Residents

17 April 2012 At 7.00 PM

Hornsey Neighbourhood Health Centre, Park Road, N8 8JD


Welcome and introductions

Patrick Morreau, Chair, West Haringey Patients Panel


Clinical Commissioning: where we have got to; where we are going

Dr Helen Pelendrides, Chair, Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group


Communication and Engagement: what can the patients contribute?

Patrick Morreau


Workshop: How can patients and public effectively engage with the CCG?

Tea break

Workshop: Getting involved - patients and public working together

Next steps


If you are interested in coming, or for further information, please contact Patrick Morreau on 07726 738 097 or e-mail patrick.morreau@blueyonder.co.uk

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Will there be a similar meeting for East Haringey Residents?


"GPs preparing to take charge of £60bn of NHS funds have been found to have shareholdings in private healthcare firms, prompting alarm about family doctors profiting from direct conflicts of interest."  (Source: The Guardian 28 March 2012)

I guess it's known as the Law of Intended Consequences.

We are going to ask the CCG to adopt the 'CCG pledge':

  • This CCG will uphold the principle of "first do no harm": we will take no action and adopt no policy that might undermine our patients' continued access to existing local health services that they need, trust and rely upon.

    In the spirit of clinically led commissioning, we reserve entirely the right to decide whom we contract with to provide services for our patients. We will take those decisions on the basis of the best interests of our patients and wider local communities, and we will refuse to allow Any Qualified Provider to be imposed on us from above.

    In the interests of transparency we will not engage in any contracts which impose conditions of commercial confidentiality. Once agreed and signed the contract should be open to public scrutiny.

    We will also work an open book basis with providers and joint commissioners. We will also consult local communities before implementing any changes that affect them, and our Board will make all major decisions relating to services in public session.

Please come along on the 17th and support!





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