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What kind of work/jobs did young men have in the late 1930s before the war in the Wood Green area?

Does anyone know what kind of jobs young men had before the 2nd world war around 1938/39?    Apart from working in ironmongers or shops.   Did they work in the Bus garage in the High Road opposite the WG Tube?   I know the school leaving age was fourteen.  

Thank you so much for your replies.


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Interesting question. You’d need to undertake a fairly significant enquiry to get a good picture.  May I enquire why you’re asking? Are you prepared to devote some time to the matter and spend a small amount?

 I don't really need anything in depth - it's for a character in my novel, which is well on the way to completion so I don't want a distraction at the present time.  I'm interested as I couldn't think of any of my relatives - apart from working in the ironmongers in commercial road. My uncle had a barbers shop in Truro Road I think.  

Any possibilities would be useful.  

Thank you


Which road/s did your relatives live in?

Nightingale Road    My parents, grandfather and aunt and uncle

How on earth did you get those records? Id presume they are public domain??

Yes, all above board, hence the redactions.

Thank you so much.   We lived at 31 Nightingale Road - my family had lived in the rented house since 1910.  Do you have one with 31?  


Give me their names and I'll have a look. The roads are all split up between different enumeration districts. Its a lot easier with name and dob

Barratts sweet factory in wood green was a large employer from the late 19th century for over half a century. The site is still there and you may know it as the chocolate factory these days

Here is a newsreel of the Barratts factory from 1957 youtu.be/ye-xudhKfYg

Thank you.  My mum worked at Barratts factory. 

Hugh the name is Austin at 31 Nightingale Road




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