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Someone at work mentioned it me, what is it and what does it do? Their website said it was a production house?? But there's a restaurant too? And artist studios?


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It's mainly artists'/creatives' studios. The other part is Collage Arts. There's an Open Studios every autumn - well worth going. The studios are part let by the building owner and part sublet by Collage.

Check it out at www.chocolatefactoryartists.co.uk and www.collage-arts.org

Very nice restaurant tucked away on what is essentially an industrial estate behind wood green. Great food, well worth a visit, but often packed (so book). 

the restaurant in the chocolate factory, Mosaica, s amazing!! Highly recommend, especially for a date place. On friday's they have live music and last friday they had a super cool jazz funk bad. Food is always consistently good too. Can't recommend them enough!


Karamel restaurant on Coburg Road also does great lunches and puts on loads of events.

Free kids puppet show tomorrow at 11.00 am


P.s. the 'chocolate factory' used to be a chocolate factory, hence the name.

Also a bit of newbie round this way so thanks for the question, the restaurant tips and the inside story on the Choc Factory. 

To continue the questions...What other hidden gems are there in HOL country? 

Have you explored the Warehouse District yet? A great chance next week with the InHOUSE festival.

Looks good but I'd be more likely to go if they included a map. Last time I went to one of their events it took about two hours to find - especially driving as all the roads are cut off. Presuming everyone already knows where you are is not good marketing...

It's in that big grey warehouse (old fed Ex building) behind where the Catwalk party was - accessed via Eade. Le voici. (it looks kinda blue on Street View).

Thanks, I hope they read this, as 'Manor House Warehouses' is just a little vague. They don't publish a contact link so I can't engage them directly in dialogue.

If the guerilla street art project attracts them, a few display maps with what's where and one-way system arrows would look really nice at all the entrances.

Good point about the maps! The festival's taking place across two venues. The ex Fedex building and the New River Studios, both based at 99 Eade Road, N4 1DN (towards Seven Sisters Road end). 

Walking from Green Lanes, take a right off Hermitage Road. There's a map here

I have read the recent posts about the Warehouse District and took a walk there last week. I didn't know about this festival though. Thanks for the tip. I will await updates to the programme, as events are just around the corner from where I am near Chestnuts Park. 

Is the Warehouse District more than just warehouses for clothes manufacturers?

Yes much of it is now live-work spaces. Lots of artists workshops, music studios etc. It's hard to get a sense of it unless you're visiting someone or at an event.

Try these three posts:

a quick whizz around

art exhibition

Catwalk Place Mayday Party (which was a hoot!). The large building behind Fat Gold Chain is where next week's event is.



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