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Hi All

It's my first post...so be gentle...

My wife and I are moving to St Ann's road...and will obviously have the same questions most people have... What's the area like? Safe? What is chestnuts primary like? Other schools? etc...

...but...one thing we really wanted to know was...does anyone know what the two red buildings are on the corner of Cleveland Gardens/St Ann's Road?

Google maps shows some people sitting out the front selling old office furniture, but it looks like that was a long time ago.

And...what is St Ann's road like - noise/safety-wise?

We know there seems to be a decent amount of cars travelling up and down (at speed unfortunately) and there's a hospital down the road too - so wondered if anyone around there hears a lot of sirens?

And safety-wise? As good as any other street in Haringay?

Thanks - and great to see such a great community aspect on here - so looking forward to helpful replies.



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The premises that was selling old office furniture has been closed up for about a year or so. I think the man who ran it must have either retired or died. The other premises was operated briefly as a cafe about ten years ago but it's been closed down for many years.

Thanks Dubmill... yeah that seemed to be the case, so we're hoping some nice little cafes or something open there... Fingers crossed!

I've seen office furniture out there more recently - I think it may still be somewhat open.

Chestnuts primary is very good - our two kids are very happy there 

Really? I live just round the corner and I've not seen it open for at least a year. Could be I just go by at the wrong time, of course.

Thanks Michael, I appreciate the feedback, especially re the school too - as I wasn't sure how many people in the area would have kids there. And good to see at least that no one's said anything bad about the noise etc too.

FYI, Chestnut's primary has just had an OFSTED inspection, which rated it 'good' for everything. It's available here:


The Chestnuts café is very good. Slightly on the greasy spoon side but staff are very friendly. Coffee at £1.00 is the cheapest I know of.

Thanks John D - good to know a good cheap coffee nearby!

Note that the hospital has no A&E, but there is an ambulance station next door. St Anne's hospital site is due to be re-developed, with probably around 2/3 of the site becoming housing, the rest would still be hospital services.

Thanks michaelw, I'd been around the area a little recently and didn't hear anything in the way of sirens which is good. I heard more in Highbury and Bayswater road!

You will be spoilt for cafes on Green Lanes at one end of St Anne's especially one called Snug 549 Green Lanes that has a good safe child play area for young children and an excellent chippy for your lazy non-cooking moments?! Welcome to you all.

As mentioned, no a&e at st Ann's. Ambulance station an generate some siren noise but probably no more than you'd normally get on any London street. The redevelopment at st Ann's is likely to cause a lot of construction traffic for quite some time. I understand it's the half of the site nearer to green lanes that's being redeveloped.
In general, good location for parks. Chestnuts close by, downhills park 5 mins walk away and Finsbury Park a little further.
10-15 mins walk to seven sisters tube and probably slightly longer to Manor House or Turnpike Lane (depends my on whereabouts you'll be).



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