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It seems the West Green Tavern is on the market. 

By the look of the details given on rightmove the pub will stay, with the opportunity to develop housing upstairs. 

Does anyone local have strong feelings about what should/ should happen to the building. What would locals like to see in the area? A decent pub would be a nice addition to WGR I think!

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I agree a good pub like the Salisbury would be good....not surprised it's gone up for sale....that's gentrification for you
Gob still smacked by the portrayal of the Salisbury as a great and classic London pub - it's a bar in a period building. You had a great pub on West Green Road until two or three years back in the Goat but you didn't drink in it - so now it's a closed down Cash Converters.

Agreed- I miss the Goat too.

I hardly see that it was "provocative" of Paulie to mention the Goat. This was in response to a name-check of the Salisbury which isn't even in the West Green Road and is even further away. The thread is about West Green Road pubs. The only provocation is your use of the word. And thanks but no thanks for the suggestion of a "pizza joint"- it probably wouldn't sell real ale. 

Isn't the West Green the piece of green at the junction of Philip Lane and West Green Road? The green at the far western end is called Green Gate Common. Either way the Goat was less than a mile from them, not "miles" away. The West Green Road is quite long but it's easily walkable. I'm 68 and I walk it every time I have to collect a parcel from Broad Lane PO even though I could use the 41. No idea what chicktown is- sounds like something to do with chicken, and we've got quite enough chicken outlets I'd have thought. You know sometimes demand is led by supply- if there's no supply, the demand dies away. One real ale in a bar dominated by Fosters, John Smiths and ciders that have never seen an apple wouldn't come amiss. 

The Goat closed down due to the cost of necessary repairs to the back of the building, not lack of business. Very sadly missed.

Sadly The Goat closed down before I moved to WGR, so never had the chance to drink there. 

THere used to be a nice pub called the Botany Bay around there, till it was destroyed and converted into a supermarket.

Likewise the Queens Head on Green Lanes was a great pub that was likewise destroyed and turned into a furniture shop, of no value whatsoever to the local community.

Haringey Council have to accept alot of responsibility here.

I think that the council did what they could: some info here. Sadly they're not allowed to let the rooms upstairs unless it is a pub, which despite the success of Jam in a Jar they don't seem to be interested in.

Haringey Council need to do more to protect old pubs like the Quuens head and Botany bay. I dont buy the line that the council did all it could, they would not allow this to happen in crouch end or highgate. Likewise its about time that those religious halls are converted back to theatres or cinemas.

Hear hear!

You mean of no value to you ?

The local community has a fair proportion of residents of Turkish origin.

I should think they value a shop which stocks furniture to their taste.

It certainly seems to be busy enough.



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