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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Does anyone have any information about who purchased this pub / property? and what the plans are for the property? 

Any information welcomed. 



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Not the information you were after...but it was purchased at auction a while back. Have a look at the Haringey Online Portal for details. I think they made some changes to the planning permission for the flats above, so from that you can figure out who's applying for planning permission, which is probably not necessarily the owner.

Last time I looked at the planning permission the downstairs bit, i.e. the old West Green tavern, had to remain as A3 usage (i.e. food/drink). Although, as nothing's changed there for so long I hope they're not planning on leaving it til derelict then turning into flats...

This is all from memory from when I looked into this a few months ago. Things may have moved on.

Would be great to have a good pub there.

Any idea when the pub will open?



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