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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I'm very disappointed that Harringay Online has yet again been used as a local-ebay, CPZ horror and neil-plumberoe recommendation hub rather than a buzzing commentary on current local politics. So there.

I hope Seema gets a shed-load of votes too.

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LAB HOLD #WestGreen (#Haringey) with 56% (-7) of the votes.

LDM are 2nd on 28% (+19), GRN 3rd on 11% (-3) and CON 4th on 5% (-4).

No IND (-5) as previous.

  • Number of rejected papers: 7
  • Turnout: 24.6%

Shame about the turnout, but room for improvement for the Lib Dems if they can tap into the 75% who didn't vote this time.

Roughly 250.000 people live in Haringey (100.000 odd in Tottenham) 24..6% turnout yet only couple thousand people voted?   I don't get it

It was an election for a councillor. Councillor elections are conducted at the ward level not the parliamentary constituency one. Wards have a population of more like 20,000 and an electorate of about half that.

The Tottenham parliamentary constituency includes the wards in Tottenham, West Green and Harringay. 

I see.  Shame the wards cant save wards corner!   Hugh. ENIC the spurs owners.  What do you think of them?  

Never heard of them, I’m afraid. 

They're buying up big chunks of N17.   Joe lewis. Tottenham Hotspur FC Tottenhams/haringeys biggest business. Lammy/haringey council certainly know who they are.  Scared of them!

Except forgetting.

Are they gonna come for me?  Maybe its best I hand myself in. 

Hi All

I wanted to say on behalf of Haringey Liberal Democrats, a huge thanks to everyone that supported us and voted for us last week.

Elizabeth has been a fantastic candidate,  she stood for us in May in Stroud Green and gained over a 1000 votes. In West Green she increased our vote by an enormous 20%  which is a huge achievement in such a short space of time.

We couldn't have worked harder in this campaign, we were out most evenings and weekends and spoke to many, many people in West Green who were fed up with their Labour Cllrs and wanted change. They were really pleased to see us out fighting hard for this seat.

We knew the odds were against us to win  but what I hope we have proved clearly in this by-election is that there is now a strong opposition in this borough, one that will work hard for residents and won't take their vote for granted. 

Once again thank you to everyone that supported and spurred us on in some pretty grotty weather conditions.

 Also a big thanks to Gonul which became our second home! my 6 year old  highly recommends the chips and chocolate cake :) 

Very best wishes

Cllr Tammy Palmer

Cllr for Crouch End

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Tottenham

Tammy is all talk. 



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