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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Hornsey Police station features on television 9pm tonight, along with a certain civil servant from Muswell Hill having terrible trouble with his drains!

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I actually googled this gruesome story today. 

in  OCT/NOV 1982 when i was 16  i was on a 144 bus opposite priory park, a  man spoke to me ( very quietly) saying he was new to the area and didnt have any friends he offered to buy me a drink so he had someone to talk too. I will  never forget the  two old ladies also on the bus wearing light blue rain macks and clear plastic hair coverings to protect it from the rain, they were both sat behind him shaking their heads at me whispering say no. which I did anyway as i was a bit streetwise, I had a couple of friends who would have said yes to anyone for a free beer. a few months later the same man was all over the newspapers, it was Nilsen... never forgot that

That is terrifying, I wonder if they just sensed he was not to be trifled with??? Also, amazing how the memory remembers certain details, scary?!  I was living in Dollis Hill so when the story broke about murders in Cricklewood - the area was suddenly in the news everyday - it was and still is well remembered for all the wrong reasons.  Apparently the dramatisation is very good - David Tennant as Dennis Nielsen

More to the point than the old ladies merely sensing something about Nilsen is that the very act of his trying to obviously pick someone up on a bus so openly & publicly like that is completely inappropriate behaviour. It's a follow on from being told as a kid "don't accept sweets from strangers". One might say that it's sad that you cannot do that & it's difficult to make friends, but if someone has the courage to essentially chat someone up on the bus they can be confident enough to take the time to form friendships gradually in the usual way by finding activities to do publicly, which a normal person would want to do anyway for the sensible precaution of lessening the chances of running into seemingly normal but underneath unsavoury characters themselves. It's sadly all too understandable how he could approach his potential victims in a pub with alcohol to heighten affability & dull the senses. 

I didn't like admitting it but what compelling viewing it was.   And so well portrayed.

What a story Dougie.  It pays to be streetwise eh !  Doesn't bear thinking about.

Anyone remember the cash in single?

Great watch! Remember growing up on the same road, and i remember all the pallava when he finally got nabbed! 

Sorry I missed the boat! What program was that please?

Des on ITV.




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