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Has anyone had a Water Filter fitted in their Kitchen sink/tap, and would like to recommend a Company/Person/Type etc?

Also roughly what these might cost?



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Yes. I used this company and they were excellent www.capitalsofteners.co.uk/

Speak to Alan, he will give you the best advice. As well as the kitchen tap filter, I also used them to install a water softener as well for the bathroom.

It's definitely worth getting done.

amazing thanks so much! 

I love this place! :) 


Hey ..do try Alex of Best Water Purifiers on 07876640007..he comes every month from Devon for a week to renew or install water filters,softeners,whole house filters and activators. I have known him for years and his knowledge is excellent on this important subject. He is very quick to respond and will do you a "Which Best Buy" water filter for £115 with fitting included.

Just call him and say Barbara says "Hi"!



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