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Has anyone local-ish had a good experience of having their washing machine fixed? Any recommendations?

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I had a naughty machine a couple of weeks ago and used this site for recommendations

I was still under guarantee but I needed an opinion of what was wrong before I got 'stuffed' by the Hotpoint/Indesit company. I went with:

GLS Group Service at 18 Middle Lane (tel:020 8340 6048).

They were extremely quick, checked it over and only charged me £20 for coming out. It was very much a case of peace of mind. Brian gave me his mobile number and told me to ring him if in case the company wanted to claim that I had caused the problem.

I will absolutely be using their services again, for repair or buying white goods. 

And a grateful thanks to this site, too

Its a trade off and  if you think its worth repairing and how old the machine is. Given a new machine can be bought for 200 pounds or slightly more/less, is it worth a repair job or a new machine?

not helpful in your current predicament but the cost v repair id go for a new machine any day

I contacted a local business on Seven Sisters Road - DDA I think they're called. I called on Friday, they would have come at the weekend but I arranged it for Monday morning as we were already having something else serviced then. He came as agreed Monday between 10-12, took our machine off to the shop in the van and it came home on Wednesday. Total cost £115. I'm sure £200 wouldn't include installation anyway, and our machine cost £500 new just over 4 years ago - it's a washer dryer and I probably wouldn't get one again because I've never really used the dryer, but I think it's probably worth paying that cost (my last experience of repair on a previous machine was quite a lot more expensive for a cheaper machine!).

Another vote for Brian from JSG Electrical at Middle Lane. He came out today a few hours after my call and mended our door seal. He was very thorough and checked everything else was working properly. £48 call out charge, good value in my opinion. 0208 340 6048. Thoroughly recommended!



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