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So my very stupid and old charlie cat hopped out my front window at 7pm  last night for his usual 5mins sit in my front or else my neighbour's. Except he then didnt reappear until about 6am, when he came in whailing. Now bearing in mind, in 14years, he has always appeared immediately i have called him, for him to disappear for 12hours is scary. He does have a catflap and back garden, he is also on a special diet, and various health problems

So im sure he was locked in somewhere last night, probably accidentally, although possibly intentionally, and he was let out in the morning

so if you live near on mattison road, near the school, maybe  you know something. Or you may have just heard me calling him for hours. Anyways thankfully he is home safe and i wont be letting him out the front again,if i can help it

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