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We had to put our beloved cat down last week and will be looking to get a new member of our household in early August. We are looking for a single kitten, preferably male. Ive had cats all my life and can promise it a wonderful life in our garden flat. Please private message me if your cat is about to have kittens!

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Sorry to hear about your cat. I think it's great that you are planning to offer a good home for a kitten. It's worth looking at these local rescue places as they have lots of kittens and cats needing homes and they will be very pleased to hear from you.

(The last one on the above list is based in Hornsey).

I always encourage people in the neighbourhood to neuter and microchip their cats to reduce the burden on rescue centres. You will know this, but many people don't realise that a kitten can get pregnant at only 5 months old so to avoid pregnancies, cats need to be neutered from 4 months old. It would be a big help to rescue centres if everyone got their male and female cats neutered and chipped (including indoor cats as they often get out).


Thanks! Generally recuse centres only give 2x kittens (found this last time we looked, and ended up getting a rescue cat), and we only want one, which is why i was looking for a private sale.


Don't worry, you can definitely get single kittens now from many rescue places. To anyone out there wanting a kitten, please don't buy a kitten and get your pets neutered. Yes in an ideal world, you rehome a pair of kittens as a kitten loves the companionship and fun of another kitten to play with. However, many single kittens are available from rescue places. Here are just a few examples of kittens needing homes at the RSPCA and Caring for Animals. There are many more out there at the charities listed above and new kittens are being added all the time.






To anyone out there thinking about getting a kitten, please consider giving a home to an adult rescue cat as its very rewarding. So many homeless cats and dogs are put down every day so it makes no sense to breed more. Kittens don't stay kittens for long and there are many adult cats, young and old, needing homes.

This is an extract from the Scratching Post charity website:

"People think it's harmless to buy a cat from a neighbour / out of a newspaper 'because they are giving it a good home', or the owner says 'it was an accident' ('but we are making money from it and you can bet we won't be spending the money we get on getting her neutered if we know we can sell the kittens!!') Please think about the consequences for the poor mum cat or when the homes dry up and the kittens can't be sold. Please visit us or your local shelter for a kitten, don't buy them!! Please don't encourage kitten breeding - there are hundreds of cats and kittens languishing in rescue shelters around the country - and many more on waiting lists to come in, living in terrible conditions."

Good luck in your search. It's great that you gave a home to a rescue cat and it sounds like you have a good home waiting for your next pet.

So true Justine, I wish people would listen it drives me mad people breeding any type of animal, you and I know that thousands are slaughtered daily as they are unwanted, grrrr!

Thanks. It breaks my heart to think of all the cats and dogs and other animals stuck in rescue places or worst still being put down. Also stray cats on the street suffer great hardship - they just need people to help them, get them neutered and give them good homes.

Somehow we need to prevent the increase of homeless animals by giving homes to rescue animals, not breeding, not buying and making sure male and female pets are neutered and microchipped. It's quite simple really. (Kittens need to be neutered from 4 months old). Also it would be great if owners of indoor cats realised it's just as important for their cats to be chipped and neutered as so many get out at some point as cats love to go outside.

I find it frustrating as we just need to break the cycle of the increase in homeless animals - neutering is vital - hundreds of thousands of healthy animals are being destroyed because there are not enough homes for them. There is also a large increase in pets being abandoned daily, routinely people move and just leave their pets behind on the street.

If people look at www.catchat.org you will see lovely animals needing homes in your area. I always rescue adult cats and it's very rewarding.

When I was looking for the kitten links for this post, on www.scratchingpost.co.uk I noticed an adult cat called Lucy, no longer wanted by her owner as Lucy didn't want to leave her home during the day! So poor Lucy is now confused in the rescue place, her only crime being she didn't want to go out enough! She just needs a home where she can be cosy at home and go in and out through a cat flap during the day when she wants to and be safe inside at night.

It would be easy to become demoralised by the situation, but I'm an upbeat person so I just try to spread the word in a positive way!

Oooh - thanks Justine! things have changed since i last got my rescue cat - will def look into getting a rescue kitten then!



That's great to hear!

Great I am really pleased to hear you are going for a kitten from a shelter. Totally agree with Justine's comments. Definitely better to give one of these cats a home rather than buying one from a pet shop/breeder!!!

In case anyone reading this post is able to offer a cat a home with a garden, this local cat needs a home (the owner of the cat has died)


Hi justine, I've been advised to share a lady called Barbara's number as she may be able to help, number is 07815 493729 cats protection, I'm no good at uploading etc so could you pass this number to the lady who's sister passed, ty.

Thanks a lot, I've passed it on. Kate is going to call Barbara tomorrow.

Ty x



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