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Hello all
The Guardians of the Green community project wants to re-claim & re-green abandoned and forgotten corners of our neighbourhood.

Does anyone please have any:
- leftover OUTDOOR PAINTS for METAL or WALLS all colours pls
- PLANTERS/METAL CONTAINERS that could be used as planter
- materials that can be used to create small FENCING around tree pits
- a fresh tree log <3 weeks old for mushroom plugs pls
- unwanted compost/seedlings/seeds

Happy to collect from nearby maintaining social distancing measures of course.

If you want to support the GOG mission to Rewild & Reclaim Osbourne Rd/Charter Court, you can also do so by signing here : http://chng.it/QCchXBMk
We are collecting signatures to present to the council with our plans to pedestrianise & re-green the area!

Thank you for your help
Guardians of the Green

Twitter- @StroudGuardians
Facebook- Guardians of the Green @StroudGreenGuardians
Instagram- @guardiansofthegreenN4

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Solid work - I've already been working on a few bits myself.

I'd recommend going around the building sites on Stapleton/Mount view and ridge and get some pallets or wood from there.

Are there any locations you're looking at?

Bear in mind this site is mostly focused on Harringay (around the ladder) rather than Haringey as a whole.

Stroud Green . Org might be a better shout 

Thank you CC!

I had no idea this was ladder based. We will indeed be posting on SG.org too

Thank you for tips too will have a look!

Im sure people here are happy to help out neighbours, and I made the same gaffe when I joined but yeh, basically the two geographical locations are a bit misleading!



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