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I'd like to buy a second-hand pram or buggy suitable to go jogging with my two-year-old.

Can collect. Thank you.


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HI, i have one i'd be happy to sell- it's a baby jogger brand in Red. Fairly old but pretty sure it's all fine working condition( have to double check as it's stored currently).

Things you need to know are that it's solid and that it is *really* specified for jogging/running. It is extremely lightweight to run with. Eg will take you all over ally pally no worries (or most places you want to run) but is fairly long rigid wheel base so on the flip side, not that convenient for going to the shops etc. I think i ran with my son in it until he was fairly large.. certainly past toddler age but then he started to get bored. I used to add a sheepskin pram pad to it in winter as it's not super warm. I have a sort of hood thing which sticks out like a roof,  which attaches to it- but not a rain guard. (remember getting a generic 3 wheel buggy one and using that)

It's like this one http://www.buyfitnessonline.com/product_info.php?products_id=458 

I'll dig out some pics of the actual item - feel free to message me. 

Wow - amazing! - thank you so much, it looks great 

I have just sent you a request to connect so that we can send direct messages and hopefully I can buy it and collect in the coming days!

Hi Sparkle - could you accept my invitation to connect (presumably in your inbox?) so we could message and make arrangements with the buggy?  I'd love to sort it before the weekend if that was humanly possible!   Thank you 

Hey so sorry- not sure why it didn't work but think it has now! :-)



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