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Wanda Cafe is a new restaurant on Green Lanes- about 5 shops along from The Salisbury - there was previously a bar and the layout remains virtually unchanged.

It opened last Friday and I just happened across it and having had a  nice lunch I booked for my birthday last night (largely because they had marinated octopus on the menu which I haven't seen anywhere else locally).

We had a selection of hot and cold mezes, cocktails, beers coffees and a birthday cake on the house. It was all very good and although mediterranean it is quite different to the other local Turkish restaurants.

The owner previously ran Cilicia (now closed) in Stoke Newington Church Street. 

It wasn't busy,as you might expect on a Tuesday in their opening week, but had a relaxed vibe, attentive service and cool jazz playing in the background (Nice!).

I recommend it - give it a go.


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Oh man octopus are as intelligent as dolphins, kind of... 

... intelligent enough to turn up on Green Lanes ... or maybe not

I meant to comment on this whilst it was still WIP. Walked by on a number of occasions - from what I could gather the menu is filled with the industrially produced hummus, cacik, dolma, etc that comes in tubs from 3rd party suppliers and passes as 'meze' on Green Lanes.

So basically Turkish in all but name, and without any of the 'home cooked' stuff one would expect (and can find elsewhere on the parade -e.g. the stews, wood fired lachmacun, etc.)

My take: somebody saw they could occupy an already outfitted, now closed restaurant, did the bare minimum - change the name, placed an order with the bog-standard food service suppliers who run the weekly deliveries up and down Green Lanes, and hopes do squeeze a quick buck out of it. 

That's basically the commercial logic behind Izmir (formerly Tramp) which runs at 20% occupancy at the best of times, on a high street awash with copycat offerings. 

I did not see that as slagging them off, just pointing out their likely business model. I really think you need a name and nice profile photo if you're going to be so outspoken.

It's obviously speculative but McDonalds!

Completely agree - unnecessary and unfair if you haven't even visited. 

Well as this is user contributed content I think rather than try to control it we just remember that some of us lack credibility ;)

I am sorry you feel that way. Maybe they invested all the money they saved on refurbishing the place in a proper kitchen and staff who make all of the above fresh on premises, daily. 

Having eaten this sort of food in London, abroad, and actually having made it myself, I know how labour intensive it is to produce, store and manage stock. It's also evident how easy it is to get it through the well established supply chain serving the area.

In my line of work you have to be 80% right to form an opinion. I am therefore going to reserve the right to maintain it until I hear otherwise. Which is when I'd be delighted to dine at Wanda and part with my hard-earned cash.

Think 'reviews' should be based on a visit to a place, trying out their offers, service etc. I ignore others comments.

Well said. Couldn't have put it better myself.

Your description does not tally with my experience of Cafe Wanda. Nothing that I ate  tasted like it was 'industrially  produced'  and as it has only been open a few days  I question how you have come to this conclusion. It sounds like you are possibly commenting on the previous business run from the same premises. 

I have no link with Wanda Cafe or any other local restaurant - but I wonder whether you do. Your very negative comments based on who knows what  add little to the discussion. If you want to comment negatively about other restaurants in the area why post them on a discussion about Cafe Wanda?

I'm just giving some honest feedback on a new restaurant that I believe adds something a bit different  to Green Lanes.


I heard Neil Prothero did the plumbing.



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