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Hello all,

We have just moved to the area a few weeks back. I am currently a stay at home Mum with a 10 month old baby boy but was looking to do some volunteer work where I could bring my baby along too.  It would be great if you could let me know if you have any ideas of something I could do to help out in the area and make friends also.



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A very big welcome to Harringay.
In regard to volunteering opportunities in Haringey, I have found a couple that may be of interest to you.
PHASCO (Pyramid Health and Social Care Association) - http://www.phasca.com/contact-us/ - which is a health and social care organisation in Haringey - they always need volunteers.
HAVCO - Haringey Volunteer Centre - http://www.havcoharingey.org.uk/index.php?/services/want_to_volunteer/
Citizens Advice Bureaux in Haringey - http://www.haringeycabx.org.uk/
Not not sure how child-friendly they are but worth a look.
You don't say exactly where you are but there are certainly loads of things in Harringay where you can get together with other new mums - this site is an excellent source of info.
Good luck

We've just added a "Volunteering and Charitable Giving" category to the forum. So it's worth keeping an eye on that

Ludotek, a fantastic children's toy library charity with great drop-in sessions, are always looking for mums to help out. Their sessions are Monday and Tuesday mornings, and they have a huge range of toys to borrow. I know they'd be delighted if you could provide any help (and if not, you should definitely check it out anyway). Details here.

Hi Sarah, Have you thought about the NCT? (National Childbirth Trust) http://www.facebook.com/#!/TottenhamNCTWE WOULD LOVE MORE VOLUNTEERS! AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN NCT MEMBER. I have been involved with the Tottenham branch (N15/N17) since it was founded in 2008. It is of course, baby friendly! We alternate our branch meeting between daytime and evenings so that working Mums also can get involved too, but babies are welcome at both.  The branch is run by volunteers with the aim of connecting new parents in the area and providing support for those all important early weeks and months.

Currently volunteers are working on organising our Cheeky Monkeys Tea Party (at Chestnuts Primary School on Sunday 8th July) This is a party for 0-5s and their families and is a fundraiser. We are also putting on a baby first aid course, have a bilingual families network, a book group, a twice yearly Nearly New Sale, a quarterly newsletter... There are lots of specific opportunities for example, booking advertising for the newsletter, arranging sponsorship or you can just volunteer for an specific event. 

Volunteers are well supported by the Charity's head office too, and there are regular regional training days (babies allowed!) which are well worth attending. And of course its a great way to meet other local families.

Theres so much more we can do with more volunteers, so if you are interested  - please message me.


Hi Sarah

Thornton's Budgens in Crouch End has a farm on its roof and rely on volunteers to help! If you are happy to get up the stairs with baby in tow, its a nice, calm environment to potter with plants and meet lovely people.

It's called Food from the Sky and they have their own website.

Sorry for late reply been away for the week. Thanks all - these all sound great. I am going to look into these and do some more research. Thanks again.



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