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Would anyone have a few parking vouchers they would be willing to sell?

I desperately need 3 full-day vouchers for some tradesmen doing some repairs on my home over the next few days. Please let me know! I'd be happy to pay a bit of a premium (I believe these cost £3.50 a piece from the council and I would happily give someone £15 for 3!)

Thanks! Jenevieve

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Jenevieve - you have to say which zone you are in. A Wood Green voucher is no good, for example, for parking in Green Lanes Zone.

Hi Jenevieve, if it's Green Lanes we have some spare ones and I'm around today and tomorrow. Let me know. Thanks, Jennie

Hi Jennie. It is Green Lanes A that I need (apparently there is a Green Lanes B as well). If this is what you have, I would be most grateful! I'll try to send you a personal message.

Hi, we are. I've sent you a message.

Thanks John! You are absolutely right, thanks for pointing that out. We are in Green Lanes A zone.

You're welcome. Sadly, I'm in Wood Green B. Good luck.



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