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Visitor Parking permits available for sale - Wood Green Inner Zone

On offer: Wood Green Inner Zone Visitor Parking Permits.

We have:

15 x 1day permits (Currently cost £4.40)

75 x 1hr permits (Currently cost £0.97)

We would like to sell for a (approx 20%) discount as they expire at the end of 2023.  

Need £3.50 for the 1 day and $0.80 for the 1 hr permits.

Will take £100 for the lot (another 10% off).

Just before the COVID-19 lockdowns, we bought a lot of Wood Green Inner Zone Visitor Parking Permits - as we thought we would be needing them for childcare visitors etc.

But, due to the lockdown restrictions, we obviously could not use them. 

If anyone has any - better - idea how we could avoid loosing all this money please let me know.

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Are these paper permits or digital ones?


Hi there, I am sure that Haringey Council replace ones that are due to expire with newer ones as I had that situation with ones I never used and they swapped them for me.

I don't know when that was but I went into the office last week and asked. They pointed you that they say (on the back) that they are not transferable or refundable. I wrote two separate emails - to Haringey Council - asking if (under the circumstances) they might make an acceptation and they said.... no. 

Oh deary me that's a shame. My swap was in 2021 although the tickets were bought a few years before but I pointed out that during lockdown they were not feasibly usable. It doesn't surprise me however that they're that unhelpful.



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