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Virtual Parking Permit - Unable to apply for resident qualification

I know this forum is full of people struggling with the virtual parking permit system, so apologies to add another post relating to this. I'd not seen anyone with this issue, so if anyone tell me where I've gone wrong, it might also help others.

Why can't I apply for a resident qualification?

Steps I've performed (as shown in this video):

  1. Made an online parking permit account
  2. Added my details and selected my address 
  3. No option appears to apply for a resident qualification (see screenshots below)

It's very frustrating waiting weeks for responses from the parking permits team, and their inadequate responses. I'm messaging here before I spend tomorrow morning on the phone with the customer support team.

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If you search on harringay online for previous posts there is some really helpful advice and councillors have even kindly provided their email addresses. I contacted them a couple of weeks ago and had an ongoing issue resolved by the end of that morning. 

Try clicking the tags added under your post.

I've found the Civica portal thing is down, more than it's up! 

How very Haringey 

Thanks for everyone for your comments.

For those looking at this in future, it's a technical problem with the website, rather than something we're in control of. 

I called Haringey customer services Monday morning. This was elevated to the 'technical team' who have just responded to me (It's Tuesday afternoon now). This issue is now fixed for my account, and hopefully anyone else who has this issue.



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