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At least in Fairfax Road - any idea why, or how extensive this is?  Also, I have had problems with the Tivo box - anyone else?

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Virgin Media T&Cs:


Q. Liability to you

9. In certain circumstances, faults may affect your ability to use the services In such cases you may be entitled to compensation as set out in our loss of service credit guidelines within the Legal Stuff on the Virgin Media website.

Legal Stuff: Loss of Service Credit Guidelines are here:


  • Where you experience a loss of service due to a fault, we will apply a pro-rate credit for loss of service from the day you report the fault(s) on the product(s) until the day it is resolved, subject to the fault being accepted/verified by Virgin Media.
  • The pro-rate credit will be calculated by taking the monthly service charge for the product(s) dividing it by 30 and multiplying it by the number of days of loss of service for the product(s).
  • Remember, your services are for residential use only and you must not use them for commercial or business purposes. Virgin Media will not compensate you for any business losses.

Simply put, yes you have to call them on 150, quote the fault number F005067441 and request a pro-rata service credit for the number of days you have not had service.

Thanks!  (I am amazed they can't work it out from their records though).

Yes - they will offer you a pro-rata credit. If you disagree with the offer made, then this will be recorded and a letter will be sent to you. This will be titled a 'deadlock' letter. The matter then goes to CISAS https://www.cedr.com/cisas/make-a-complaint/

We are currently in dispute with them about their non-valuation of externalities (how much has this cost us). For instance, owing to terrible communication (love HOL for giving all this info - Virgin tell different people different info) we have been put out. This has affected working from home, communication and our ability to prepare for a loss of service - all of which cost. Time and stress (not knowing is the worst) have been the biggest cost.

Please keep us updated on how the CISAS dispute goes. I honestly don't have the time or the energy to dispute it, but am interested to see how yours goes.

Service has just come back online 

For us too. Finally!

Thanks to everyone on this thread who tweeted, complained to Virgin, and emailed the Council. Hopefully it's a long time until the next incident.

Just phoned customer service and got approved my service credit (£7.33) from Virgin Media for the outage last week.

My house is down again this morning. We're on Fairfax road.



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