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At least in Fairfax Road - any idea why, or how extensive this is?  Also, I have had problems with the Tivo box - anyone else?

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Is not only the internet or my business, that is a small one though but I still need my broadband, it's about the phone line too and tv. So no services at all. I don't want to pay 90p/m from my mobile to call my mum abroad, because yes english is not my first language, when I have an additional option on my landline to call her with 2p/min, not talking about tv and now kids on half term holiday. Is not beeing cut from outside world, is about rubbish Virgin media services that we pay for and quite lots of money and get this appaling services in return. So I wouldn't be that quick to judge if you don't know anything of the circumstances. I already spent lots on my mobile for phone calls that would have been free on my landline and mobile data.
Hello! We are suffering the same problem. Will be phoning tonight attempting to cancel our contract. Absolutely appalling service from VM.

This is not a VM fault. The Council are not giving VM permission to dig up the road so they can duly fix the problem. everybody needs to contact their Councillor to get haringey to listen and to get this issue resolved sharpish.

Apparently that isn't true...they had permission yesterday...
Have emailed the council. But Virgin media should be liaising. Their service is truly dreadful - impossible to get through to people, impossible to glean information, impossible to get a refund representative of the imposition caused. Absolute load of rubbish. So furious with paying for this diabolical service.

Virgin Media only listen when you get put through to the cancellation team, because they don't want to lose customers.

According to the roadworks.org website Virgin already have approval for roadworks from 13th to 15th February. So why haven't they started work? And why is everyone always so quick to blame the Council?
I would suggest to anyone being fobbed off by Virgin that they take a screenshot of the roadworks.org website map which shows they had permission from 13th to 15th February as on the 16th February that information will be gone.
I had a look on the website you suggested and it says in the description it is for installation of a new tee for new customer and Virgin applied on 2nd of Feb. Our problem has started on 8th. Plus this is planned to take place between Beresford and Allison Road, so I wonder if it is for the problem we have on Fairfax Road? Oh I wish...
Well I don't believe the Council wouldn't allow them to budge their works up a couple of streets....it still begs the question why they aren't doing their planned works. I made a complaint to the Council a couple of years back that they kept suspending parking outside my house for planned work's by Thames when no work was ever done. This happened 5 times on the trot. My complaint response claimed that utility companies often applied to do works speculatively and then did nothing.
If 75 people in the Harringay area can unify and threaten to take custom elsewhere/ find a suitable action to take, we may get things moving faster.

I agree We should all phone them tomorrow and threaten to leave



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