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Is anyone having to reboot their router/modem regularly with Virgin Broadband? We're having to do it at least once a day. I think it may be a problem with their servers locally so if I notice a disconnect I will post the time on here, I would appreciate if others could do the same.

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It's been okay for me in Hewitt.
We have had problems - no service at all on Thur evening and working very sporadically since then. Sometimes slows to a crawl. Rubbish.
Mine is back up again now (since yesterday lunchtime, not long after I wrote the above).  Tech support suggested it was a problem all over North London, but their system seems to have a strange way of identifying 'area-problems'. If a sufficient number of people keep phoning to complain, they assume it is an area problem. If the phone calls stop, they assume that's fixed itself.  The moral of the story seems to be, phone early and phone often.

Didnt read all of these posts, but yes it was definitely down for a day and a half over the weekend.

It seems to be ok now.

All this superfast broadband is all very well, but if the contention ratio is huge then real world performance tends to be patchy.

I Read something about a Japanese fiber company bidding for National contracts to upgrade Britain into the next decade, giving us the widest superfast broadband coverage in the world. It would cost several billion, which means of course that it will be done instead on the cheap by a man in a van.

I am sure the benefits of such an infrastructure would put us at the forefront of the digital evolution and pay for itself many times over though. Politicians with vision please!!

Moved to Virgin Media yesterday as I was tempted by the 100mb connection and it's been nothing but hassle. Pages take long to load but funnily enough Google and it's search results are instant.

Goto Google --> Search BBC news (as an example) --> Results page loads instantly --> Click link and wait 2 minutes for page to load (may not load entire page). The same goes for Microsoft and Scan.co.uk.

Speed test net shows 75-80mb downstream but I haven't been able to get to a page and actually download a large file as a test.

If anyone is looking to move over to Virgin Media or is tempted by the 100mb service, I would say it's not worth the hassle. I was with Plusnet for almost a year and had no problems (moved because usage limits had become too small). I would say BT is probably the best option to go for right now, I'm looking to cancel and move over right over (wish me luck!).

For test files to download http://www.thinkbroadband.com/download.html is useful.


In my experience slow access to sites is more likely to be the result of a problem with the computer (or, less likely with those you mention, the site). The BBC news front page is no more than around 600KB so even at the slowest broadband speed would not take more than a few seconds to download.


The first place to look is at any security (anti-virus, firewall etc) software. Some of these, depending on settings, can take an age to analyse every little bit while accessing a site.


Hope this helps.

Thanks David - I think the problem actually lies within virgin media's exchange/routers. I recently moved over from Plusnet, where 4gb HD films would stream to my Apple TV without a pause (would finish downloading the file in 10-15 minutes) and pages would load instantly.

What annoys me more is speed test net loads fairly quickly but takes time to find a server to start the test and then displays a downstream of 75mb. In reality some pages don't even load or display as if they're being viewed on a mobile device (after 2 minutes of waiting). The system and software hasn't changed and it's a fairly powerful workstation setup for gaming/heavy 3d application use and software development.
Well watch out for BT too.  Service generally really reliable, although not terribly fast, but I have had two incredibly long fights with them.  First one where BT wanted to charge me for downloading 80gb of data in one month.  My wireless is password protected and I knew I had not downloaded that in a month.  It took me months to resolve and it only got sorted out after I contacted the Chairman's office.  Second fight followed a call from BT to sell me BT Vision.  I said no and half an hour later received a text message saying thank you for upgrading to your new contract.  After several looong phone calls and being passed from pillar to post this was finally resolved and I reverted to my original contract, or so I thought... A huge parcel with the BT Vision stuff arrived.  Again on the phone to BT who said it had been sent before I cancelled the contract (which I never agreed to) and that all I had to do was to take it to the post office and post it back to them.  I have refused to do this and told them that if they want it back they can come and get it at a time convenient to me.  Watch this space....
Thanks Dane - that sounds terrible, so I can't trust anyone for broadband then?! I might just switch back to dial up. I had a similar issue with Vodafone when I called to order an ipad and they sent me a 3g dongle.
My son thinks that Virgin broadband will be better for us and we contacted them to get it but for the past 3-4 months nothing tangible has been done because they said there was a blockage somewhere on Hewitt Road, twice they have sent contractors in. may be the last one who came on August 3 have resolved the issue I do not know



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