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Is anyone having to reboot their router/modem regularly with Virgin Broadband? We're having to do it at least once a day. I think it may be a problem with their servers locally so if I notice a disconnect I will post the time on here, I would appreciate if others could do the same.

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I'm on virgin boradband (cable) and don't seem to have problems except for when I am logged on to my work's VPN. Post the times though and I'll double check.
Yup, mine is up and down about four or five times a day, supposed to be on a super fat 50mb pipe, but haven't even been close to that since I got it...

Basically amkes it really difficult to work form home anymore, and is a right pain in the arse

Virgin Broadband, you are spectacuarly useless
Our vigin media is always up the spout, freezing, disconnecting and untuning itself. Once the engineer told me that Virgin couldn't be bothered to add extenders to our cables when they moved them from one side the road to the other so everytime a heavy lorry went over the speed hump near the cable box it would pop out.. the last time we had a major problem (just before christmas) we were off line for 2 weeks because some "simpleton" was too lazy to install a new cable point for a new customer so they disconnected our cable and used it for someone else..... At the moment we arn't able to get into anything that requires a red button or pre-recorded and the signal keeps dropping out every now and again.... USELESS!
Ha ha ha, they did that to our neighbour a few years ago. The look on his face when he worked out what had been done was priceless, I suspect he worked with some very competent people.
Guess I've been lucky. But I do have to contact tech support from time to time and find the call centre staff in India are rarely in a position to help. So I've pretty much given up trying - which I guess is the point.
Call during the day and you get someone in Britain.
My broadband is usually okay but for whatever reason my broadband and my interactive TV went up the spout just before Christmas. We did all the usual problem seeking then they planned an engineer to come out on a Sunday - wow!

Except when they didn't turn up and I phoned them, they said they have fixed it as it was a local issue not just mine, they didn't even phone to say they weren't turning up, so I had waited in all morning for them not to bother! They came on the Monday evening, but not so much as an apology from them.

Overall I do think Virgin are okay, lets hope they haven't been to the Ryanair school of Customer Services over the holiday period.
We've been offine at home since mid december. Apparently, after being fobbed off that the problem lay variously with i) our pc network cards, then ii) our wireless router, then iii) their supplied modem (none of which i accepted at the time), did an engineer attend to tell us (in true Railtrack-of-old fashion) that we have the wrong type of cable!

This assessment doeasnt really explain why our signal has deteriorated gradually over time rather than having always been crap since installation.

We shall be without a strong enough signal - and in practice a working broadband service - until Jan 14th when an engineer installs the 'correct' cable from outside the house to the end of the road. Til then we have to disconnect the cable from the TV box and back again, each and every time we want access to one or the other.

Its worth complaining for this kind of disruption tho, as we have been refunded for all our downtime and had a tenner on top - as id requested but didnt expect! Defections to Sky are still the best threat from customers it would seem!!

Oh and yes John - since using our broadband this way i've noticed we're having to power cycle the router several times over the course of the day
Yes! So irritating. Quite often it hardly works at all at the weekend. Have tried changing router channel twice, no noticable improvement so far.
Hello. I live on Lausanne Rd and have had this precise problem since I came back after Christmas hols. Every time it happens a quick switch off and on of the router does the trick, but it is frustrating. Also, my Virgin landline has gone dead and the catch-up TV interface problematic at best. I'm going to try and call them in the next couple of days - at least they're only round the corner so we can hopefully get attention quickly.
OK, if you notice when it goes down would LOVE it if you could post the time of the outage. I'm going to try to post mine and if they're all at the same time we have a case.
By the way - does anyone here who has a residential broadband account with Virgin have a static IP address? Just wondering before I pay through the nose to upgrade to a business account.



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