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Fantastic photo, thank you. It really brings home the size of the cricket and tennis club area behind the swimming pool (the whole area is called Shepherds Cot and is well worth walking through - it connects to Queens Wood, Highgate etc). Magical place. 

Is that Park Road pool?


I thought the pools were all indoors. The circle on the paved area could have been where the fountain was although I don't remember the layout. It all looks a bit grim now.

Smart! I take it this is a drone?

Further to Alison's point - there are 5 cricket clubs alone on Shepherds Cot (most incorporate other sports too). If someone can identify a better way to spend a baking hot Saturday afternoon than with drinks and a picnic on the pavillion watching club cricket, then do let me know...

Just out of shot in the foreground was Priory vale school, not there anymore. I went to this school from 1960/64. Anybody else remember or go to this school. Most school friends I knew seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. We all seemed to move away from London, we moved to Maldon Essex.

Are you on Facebook?  Try: Residents of Hornsey London Reunited or Hornsey Born and Bred. It’s amazing how people make contact through both sites. 

Went to North Harringay Secondary Modern school from 1959 onwards. We were amalgamated with Crouch End school to become Priory Vale school from September 1964 onwards. Attended lessons at Crouch End for one day per week during 1963-4 only however. Our class members comprised half from each school. Still remember most names in my class - 4A, 5B, 6A (the extra two year forms were those staying onto take R.S.A. then G.C.E. ("O" Level) exams.)

Pretty much exactly the same as me. Mr Allen (puffkin) French. VAN GRAAN and MORGAN PE, a right couple of sadists. 


That pool/hospital complex is somewhat different to the last time I was in Hornsey some decades ago.

Yes, that’s why I asked about the pool. I’d been told it was now indoor. But it certainly looks different without the sunken gardens!

I'm informed that there is also an indoor pool. Presumably that building just beyond, that I had thought was part of hospital development (- also considerably changed since last I was in the area!)



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