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For three days the busker under Harringay bridge has been blasting out violin music through a full-volume speaker. I can hear it constantly inside my house (and from Sainsbury's!). Is it bothering anyone else or just me? It doesn't break any 'noise-nuisance' decibel levels but there's absolutely no reason for it to be at this volume. Any suggestions (and yes I have tried asking politely for it to be turned down.)?

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It bugs me too, Maddy.  I can only hear it when I'm in my garden but maybe if enough of us ask him nicely to turn it down.  I'm surprised that Ben (the homeless man under the bridge) hasn't scared him off. 

Well if you can hear it, it MUST be too loud... Hopefully he'll move on at some point, as I have seen him in Crouch End and other busking hotspots in the past. I can't imagine anyone wanting to get close enough to give him money!

This sounds like the one who was regularly outside Sainsburys opposite Holborn station. It is SO loud. I really felt sorry for the people who worked in the offices above the shops and food outlets.

I remember this busker when I worked in Aviation House (the offices above Sainsbury’s).

See also the bagpipe player on Parliament Square - you can hear him from about 400 yards in every direction. The only saving grace is when he naffs off on to Westminster Bridge.

Hi everyone, i guess i'm not the only one who is dealing with the issue though, the nightmare is back and i have no idea what to do, i am hoping that all of us could write a proper letter ones for all the council or the MP if possible, i am off work since the confinement as i am in the catering business, and my wife working from home for NHS, an analytic who spends hours on the computer, and no one will accept the conditions shes working in, i have to close the windows at all times, switch on the air con to hide the noise of the violin, and sometimes i have to borough her my monster beats studio so she can focus, by the end of the day she ends up with an extreme headache, and it breaks my heart, truly i can not take it anymore, i have emailed the council many times, and have called them three times including today, and all they did was taking my details, and apparently they emailed their agents to move on site and deal with the issue, but with the current situation they said its unlikely anyone will be available., and for me to carry on calling and report. now the last option was to go and speak to the guy politely today and i felt like i was speaking to a brick wall, he basically didn't care or have any consideration. i run out of ideas and if there is any suggestions from anyone it will be much appreciated thank you

I went past yesterday and heard him. It's appalling! I don't know why we're expected to put up with this around here!

All day long for the past four days! I tried reporting it to Haringey's noise line, but they only operate on Thur-Sun evenings, so it seems any amount of noise disruption in the day is OK. If I were a big tough bloke I'd just go and unplug him! (He completely resists any polite requests to lower the volume).

I have heard him from my garden for the last couple of days and thought of you.  I wouldn't mind so much if he was any good!  But he's dreadful.  I am going to ask Richard to have a word with him if he is still there when he goes past.

He'll probably move on in a few days, thankfully. To be replaced by the 'fairground' accordionist, no doubt.

Exactly that's what I meant when I said it's appalling. He's hardly a great busker. But at any rate residents should not have to put up with it all day

Hi everyone, 

so i guess there is no solution what so ever and i just have to go for plan B, walk there and smash his speakers into pieces, i do not want to get to this, neither me and my wife to live like rats in our own house with everything shut, Im sick and tired of holding up, grounding my teeth and hearing my wife repeating her self and for me not to do anything stupid. honestly i miss the old harringey 

Perhaps you could buy some cymbals, smash them together next to his ears for an hour see how he likes it. If he gets violent, call the police and have him taken away. 



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