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Anyone on Lothair South still not had their bins emptied? I spoke with them this morning and the are adamant the bins were collected on Wednesday. I have checked some neighbours bins and they haven't  been done either.

On a separate note, I have waited 3 weeks for the Village manager to call me and... Zzzzzzzzzzzz 

Outsourced shite! 

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I had my first collection due this week on Wednesday and it wasn't done. I called Veolia and a very helpful lady promised to investigate and confirm the situation the next morning. I was somewhat surprised,but very pleased, when she called back as promised and told me that the collection will be done today. We'll see.

I'd be interested to find out if this problem is wider than Ben and I - or do we together make up 50% of the garden collection subscribers in Harringay!?!

Hugh, it wasn’t the garden wast but the paper and plastic recycling this time. nevertheless, every week they miss something. I too was called by a manager who claimed the bins were done in our street.. 

Ah, okay. I didn't read your post properly and jumped to conclusions because of your last post.

What surprised ma bout my callback was that it was person who answered the phone who took the trouble to find an answer and call me back the following day as promised. I thought that was surprisingly good for a call centre. So hats-off to Daria/Aria (My apologies but she had a strong eastern European accent and it's an unfamiliar name. So I'm not certain what it is).

Isn't it the bank holiday thing - often causes disruption?  Central Crouch End and our Tuesday recycling hasn't been collected although the food waste was taken on Tuesday.  I haven't made a fuss as it's the food recycling that I care about most and our recycling bin doesn't happen to be anywhere near full this week.

Actually, when I think about it, when we first moved here 10 years ago, under a different regime from Veolia, there were invariably problems with refuse/recycling collections in bank holiday weeks.  Then under Veolia that sorted itself out but perhaps things are regressing, just as food recycling collections are not as reliable as they used to be.

So last week they never collected the recycling for the whole street.  This week they came and collected everyone's but mine.   The haringey.gov website no longer appears to allow you to report missed collections online - only direct email/phone to Veolia.  So I called Veolia and they told me I have to report it tomorrow, not today.  And were rather disbelieving of my assertation that I no longer could report it online.  Arse indeed.

The same thing happened to me. its so effing boring. I 

Assertation? ouch


And so I reported the missed recycling Weds, then again Friday when it still hadn't been collected.  The guy told me they collect Saturdays as well.  I tried calling Sat morning but the office was closed so I fired off an irate email.  Then it was collected, and I clearly wasn't the only one who'd been missed in my street as the binmen were yelling out other house numbers.  I then sent off a thank you email to mitigate the irate one.

And surprisingly got replies to both this afternoon.  So clearly someone mans the Veolia offices at weekends even if they don't answer the phone.  Thus I'd conclude it is worth emailing at the weekend.  End of boring story.  I hope.



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