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Going by yesterday, I noticed a new(?) upholsterer on West Green Road on the stretch between Green Lanes and Vincent Road. Has anybody used them?

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Hi Josephine,

Do you have the name and number of the company. I have a small chair i need re-upholstered?



Many thanks.
Hi Ben did you go with this company or elsewhere? Would you recommend them?
Hi Ben did you go with this company or elsewhere? Would you recommend them?


If you mean the one with the big black leather looking doors, then yes we used them for some chairs, and they did a great job. Its mainly a Polish father and son team - the son does most of the talking as he speaks a lot better English. They were good value and very efficient.


Thanks Hugh. I will take a look as I have been looking for an upholsterer - great news!
Hi just wondering if you went with this upholsterers or another? Would you recommend?

Used them once and they did great job for our restaurant sofas and chairs.

I would reccommend it very highly.

They are called D&T 

They did a very good job of reupholstering my office chair for a reasonable price but when they delivered said they were too short of time to help me get it upstairs.  When I checked the chair, which was covered with a plastic sheet, I discovered one arm was broken and the plastic back was cracked. Just trying to glue it together now.  

So when you take delivery, make sure you check very carefully for any damage



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