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After just a week - and the week before Christmas at that - we have 264 signatures on the petition. Cllrs Gina Adamou and Karen Alexander have both signed. We've yet to succeed in winning over Cllr David Schmitz.

Haringey's new petition scheme has set levels which trigger actions by the council. 2,200 signatures triggers a debate by the full council. However no distinction is made between borough-wide petitions and local ones.  A phone conversation with the officer responsible confirmed that the 2,200 figure was set with the borough in mind. He also confirmed that there is no 'discount' for locally targeted petitions.

2,200 people is just under 1% of the borough's population. That's the level the council has determined is so significant that it warrants a full council debate.

Our petition represents a proportion of Harringay's population 50% higher than that level. So if the council follows the spirit of their policy, we have very good reason to expect that the views of those who have signed are seriously considered.

Good news.

If you've friends and neighbours who haven't yet signed, remind them that all we're asking is that easing Ladder rat running is taken into account, and get then to sign up.


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