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I just had a short phone call with Tony Kennedy, (Haringey's Group Manager Transport Policy and Projects) about progress on the Green Lanes Corridor work.

At this point the Council has contracted Halcrow, to undertake a traffic impact assessment on the options under consideration.

Currently these options are:

1. Work to change the traffic flow around Alfoxton Road, opposite the Queen's Head, as described in the  original "Duckett's Common" scheme.

2. The creation of a pedestrian crossing on Green Lanes, as described in the  original "Duckett's Common" scheme.

3. Creation of a diagonal crossing at the Salisbury Junction and re-opening the western end of St Ann's Road to two-way traffic.

4. Re-opening Harringay Road to two way traffic and associated works on Colina Road.

The budget is £1.2 - 1.3M to be spent over three years. If Option 1 were to be selected, this would use most of the funds.

The impact assessment will seek to understand how any changes will affect traffic in the local area and model possible options to relieve any negative impacts.

Tony is expecting Halcrow to report back in September and he hopes subsequently to report to the Cabinet member (Cllr Canver) and our local councillors in late November / early December. Following that a report will be made to the Green Lanes Strategy Group. If possible, the department is keen to start work early in the New Year.

It strikes me that this would be a perfect issue to bring to the new Area Forum and give local people a chance to input. I'm not suggesting that we restart the whole process, but I do feel strongly that local people should be given the chance to have a direct input on the decision and a significant influence on recommendations made.

I'm quite sure that David Browne and Nilgun Canver already have this planned. I'd welcome their input here to confirm the process for local people from here and the extent to which we can influence the final recommendation.

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Nilgun, is there any update on progress?

Hi, pls attend the GLSG meeting on 5 Dec. This is on the agenda. You should have received the invitation by now.Tony will take us through the proposals and outcome of the traffic modelling. We'll take it to the Area Forum/Committee in the new year. See you on the 5th.

Can we all come?

By all means you personally can join Hugh and Liz. I'm not sure how big the room will be.

Excellent! It's in the calendar on the back of the kitchen door. Thanks!

Ah, a chink of light from behind closed doors. Hope you've got your Advanced & Enhanced Police Clearance in order, John. They'll be looking for your NZ one too before you cross their Cordon Sanitaire.



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