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I moved to Harringay last July and I like the area a lot.

But first I saw a cockroach on my kitchen floor last summer (no more seen since), then I had a fly infestation just before Christmas.

On Saturday I saw a mouse dashing across my kitchen. Traps and poison are now down and poison has been eaten, no more mice seen since, so far.

My flat is clean and not very cluttered. I never leave food out. After the cockroach most of my food in cupboards is in plastic containers and the rest will be soon after seeing the mouse.

I did have mice in Finsbury Park but nowhere else in London and have never seen a cockroach or had flies to stay before.

Do you think the ladder is worse than other areas of London due to high density of housing and all the food shops and restaurants?

I am on the ground floor of a house that was turned into two flats and majorly gutted just before I moved in - might that affect things?

Or am I just unlucky?



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I've lived in Haringey since 2007 and I had problems with mice and bedbugs on Wightman Road and mice and Oriental cockroaches on Fairfax Road. We got professionals in to treat all of them over several weeks.


I now live in Tottenham, and thankfully the only non-human resident in our house is a cat. Cats are definitely the best way to get rid of mice, if you're able to have a pet in your home.

Thank you helpful neighbours for all your advice.

The poison has been eaten and I have just found a corpse under the kitchen cabinet. Lovely. I can hear scratching noises so am braced for more. Traps haven't caught any mice.

I will probably get the council in but I imagine they go the traps/poison route too.

Does anyone know anyone reliable and reasonable who could check for and seal up any holes for me? It is not something I am knowledgeable/practical enough to do myself.


We've had mice 3 times in 8 years here. We've had the council and they just put poison down, they don't offer any advice on stopping them coming back. But we have put wire wool down each time we've had mice - our house is now made up of about 20% wire wool!

We saw mice again last September (after 3 mice free years) and we paid the council to come again. But after 2 months the mice were back.

So I've resorted to D & A pest control, the guy came round 2 weeks ago and is due back again tomorrow. He put 2 different types of poison down and will put out another type tomorrow. But more importantly he had a really good look around to see where we had missed with wire wool. One place was the fireplace (which we don't use for fires) and behind our dishwasher/sink/washing machine. So he said he will seal these off for us.

I can't say if he's got rid of the mice or how successful he is but we haven't seen one since he put the poison down - touch wood! I'm happier that I've found someone who will give me some advice - he said he used to work for the council pest control.

I have 2 little children and I really hate the thought of mice running round where they play, and my 4 year old daughter was scared out of her wits by one running across the rug at her.

If they don't get rid of them this time we're definitely going to get a cat.

Good luck with getting rid of your visitors.

Thank you Julie, that is really helpful, you've made me think there is not much point bothering with the council. Advice on where the mice might come in is def what I need.

When you say "resorted to" D&A pest control, is that because they charge a lot?

I hope you and your kids are now safe from mice.

Actually, if you are on Working Tax Credit or some benefits, the council will come out for £15, make three visits and put several poison bait boxes down. They use a bait called "Sorexa" which is made of canary seed, and is the only one that is really effective. Sadly, local mice seem to be wise to traps and have found ways to avoid them, or even eat the bait without setting them off.

We had mice in 2003 and 2005 and both times the council came, put poison down and no more mice. But this winter they only got rid of them for a couple of months. I've spoken to other friends in the area and the problem seems a lot bigger this year.
I probably used the wrong word because D&A are a bit cheaper than the council. I paid the council around £100 in September and D&A charged me £75. 

I can't really say how effective D&A are as yet because he's only done a first visit. But he spent about an hour here 2 weeks ago, got on his hands and knees with a torch looking for gaps, even stuck his head round behind our sink. He's doing his second visit tomorrow so I can let you know how that goes if you like?

I agree with Maddy that Sorexa is the poison that seems to work, but I bought some online but the mice didn't go near it. So you do seem to need a professional to put poison down, get rid of them and then you can do the proofing.

Cheers Julie. Are d&A the ones in Mattison? Would like to hear about second visit.
Just a note, if you've got one of those bank accounts with lots of extras, the home emergency cover often covers pest control - I've had them out a couple of times before for mice and didn't have to pay a penny.



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