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There is a three pointed gazebo in the Park, at the top of the path from Manor House Gate, just at the point of the athletics track.

On balance I'd say it makes a positive contribution to the appearance of the park.

Until today, when it is being clad in plywood shuttering.

A huge shame because the gazebo was only recently recovered from the pigeons for human habitation, at what must have been considerable expense.

Now it is being made uninhabitable except to rats, insects, fungi and rainwater. Graffiti artists might benefit from the exterior for a time. Of course the angles will gather a good deal of wind blown rubbish.

Whatever the problems recently have been, this does not seem to me to be the answer.

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I saw this happening yesterday. What should be a nice place to sit and maybe shelter from the rain has been boarded up. It looks awful. I know there were young people hanging around, playing music etc but really can’t we sort things out by maybe having staff or  an old fashioned ‘Parkie’ to sort out any anti social behaviour. There was also a half sunken boat in the lake and a bench that had been trashed.  Finsbury Park is really still suffering from all the festivals etc and I’m noticing it’s not being used as much. It’s my local park and l used to go regularly but it seems to have lost it’s magic!

I assume this is to deter the drug dealers who sit in there in a fog of particularly pungent skunk cannabis all day

I know. Whenever I run  past there, I have to hod my breath, the fumes are so strong, and don't think they will make me run faster 

Oddly, a number of athletes use cannabis to help with their performance. If you Google 'cannabis' and 'running' there are some interesting results (I went down a rabbit hole one night after learning an MMA fighter always indulged before a match!)

How do u know they are drug dealers? 

Might be useful to contact friends of Finsbury Park to see why it’s been called covered up and for how long?

It's now been completely painted a sort of dull, British Racing Green colour. It'll be covered in graffiti in no time!

There has been a statement,  on Twitter . I quote

Hi all. The structure within FP was a well-established location for purchasing drugs. The Police have recently carried out a successful operation on a group of individuals who were dealing drugs in and around the structure....Cont
Cont...The Parks Service and Haringey’s enforcement team are working with the Police to help prevent any immediate return of this type of anti-social activity, hence we have erected wooden hoarding around the shelter which will send a clear message to the public that this...cont
Cont...is no longer a drug supply location. The hoarding is of a temporary nature, and it will be removed as and when, upon Police advice. PS

I thought it looked temporary. Seems like a good idea to me.

Do people not have Telegram? Why are they buying their drugs from people in a park? Just go into your Telegram account, Contacts, Find People Nearby, scroll down to Groups Nearby, and all of them will have a drug dealer touting their wares, regularly. Be warned there's a lot of NSFW porn too.

Not funny John. You should be banned for that



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