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I'm a publisher and I'm looking for a skilful and literate typist to transcribe some audios for me, for a new book. Do email me at editor@envelopebooks.co.uk 

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Wow, there really aren't any typists any more. That's what I thought.

I may be able to do this for you, at least, I can touch type!  What is the book?

There are some discussion threads on R4 that I need transcribed. Ideally you need a foot pedal that lets you stop, go back, and go forward, otherwise it can be rather slow - but it's doable without. Are you fast and accurate? Please email me directly: editor@envelopebooks.co.uk

Hello! I would really love to do this if you haven't found anyone else. I type at 80 WPM. Happy to do a little trial for you if you like? 



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