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Re the proposed development of 158 dwellings on the 'waste land' on the railway embankments at Plevna Crescent and Ermine Road, in St Anns, see earlier post , and updates here  and here .

There's now a letter on the planning portal that tweaks the original plan, seemingly in direct response to some of the objections. Some flats have been merged into houses, and there are paste-in pics of green roofs and new illuminated pathways.  Non-disabled car parking has been removed, to make it a car-free site.  Instead, a shuttle bus would loop to Stamford Hill and Seven Sisters stations, to be paid for via the service charge, and they all get a free bicycle.

Have a look, people. The proposal is still open for comments

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and today there are a dozen new docs added to the proposal with details of the amendments to the original plan. Meanwhile there are just 24 responses - 8 for and 16 against (plus 9 bureaucratic ones with no opinion). 

Compare this with 264 responses to a plan (HGY/2013/0039) to add a temporary plastic dome to a tennis court in Crouch End (on which I have no opinion, not my patch). That's what I call organisation.



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