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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Turnpike Lane is the friendly north London neighbourhood where you should look to buy - Metro

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The author's geography is seriously messed up. I take it that she's never visited our neck of the woods. But at least she uses ‘Harringay’, even if she doesn’t seem to quite know where it is. 


Green Lanes and Wood Green got at good mention in the Wednesday Evening Standard this week


Top bants.

Friendly?  Yes,  but 2 murders and a stabbing near Turnpike Lane in last few months - Friday night stabbing police ticker tape at the top of West Green Road. Young man stabbed taken to hospital, not sure if he survived.  Nov last year near the end of Fairfax and Falkland roads on GL - gun murder and gunshot injuries to innocent passing cyclist.  Today in Harringay Gdns 4 Kent police looking for woman that is known in road for having unsavoury  crack dealers calling... 

yes nice friendly neighbourhood ...



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