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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The departure of Mr Nick Walkley currently Chief Executive of Haringey has been announced by the Dear Leader. Seems he's been offered a top job in central Government.

Obviously I am incredibly delighted. Even though he will not be leaving immediately. 

As I would expect, The Dear Leader Claire Kober restates her illusion that:
"we have seen enormous improvements in the day-to-day functioning of the Council and, much more importantly, across Haringey. We are now a confident borough rightly earning respect and influence across London and beyond."


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My Russian friend insists it's " Tsaritsa ". Just thought you'd like to know

The once nice, normal Claire Kober elected in Seven Sisters in 2006 has become steadily more icy, autocratic and out-of-touch since her meteoric rise to the council leadership in the wake of the Baby P tragedy.  But former councillor Alan Stanton's growing obsession with her has become both creepy and boring. His relentless trolling of Cllr. Kober on every forum is a bit rich coming from him. When he was part of Haringey's Labour establishment, I recall his sneering contempt for the community activists of the Ward's Corner Coalition--yet he now presents himself as the People's Tribune, standing up for the little guy against an overbearing council. What a hypocrite!   

What is your "take" on the meals with a lobbyist for developers during a procurement process?

Awful. Not surprised, are you?

I'd like to think that after the MP's expenses scandal that people in public office would go out of their way to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Apparently some don't think it matters because the Ham & High who publicised the issue , "only has a circulation of a 1000."

Go out of their way? Well, yes you might think so.

I came across a TEDx talk by Onara O'Neill called What we don't understand about trust. It's a ten minute video with a transcript. (She gave the BBC Reith Lectures on Trust in 2002.) 
These sentences seem relevant about who we put our trust in and for what purpose.
"And I think that judgment requires us to look at three things. Are they competent? Are they honest? Are they reliable? And if we find that a person is competent in the relevant matters, and reliable and honest, we'll have a pretty good reason to trust them, because they'll be trustworthy."
"But trust, in the end, is distinctive because it's given by other people. You can't rebuild what other people give you. You have to give them the basis for giving you their trust. So you have to, I think, be trustworthy. And that, of course, is because you can't fool all of the people all of the time, usually. But you also have to provide usable evidence that you are trustworthy."

We don't know what was discussed over private meals by Haringey's "leading" and "senior" politicians. So let's assume their honesty and accept their assurances that they didn't discuss property deals involving publicly owned land.
But are they "reliable"? Well reliable for what?  Reliably giving residents who are about to have their homes demolished or at least sold off to a private company, comprehensive timely and accurate information; with proper consultation; and an independently run ballot where the questions are open and fair. And where the result is binding on the Council. In that sense they could prove their reliability by their actions.
But so far they've been reliable only in that we can rely on them to accept freebies such as "hospitality" from business people in posh restaurants, yachts, free hotels and flights.
Are they competent? Well that depends on whether you think this sort of behaviour - riding the gravy train with real gravy -  is normal, necessary and good practice. Or if you think it's a sign of their appallingly poor judgement.

Give it a rest until Tuesday.. it's Christmas.!  You'll find reference to it in a book somewhere.

Nice of you to suggest a rest, Stephen. We had a pleasant break, thanks.
Have you tried simply not reading what I post here?

What would be the point of posting it then @Alan? Are you saying it's not worth the reading? I'd agree with that.

Not only content, along with that other ex-HOLer Carter, to litter the twitter network with very nasty comments. You continue to post here too. I'd always been lead to believe you were anti-litter.

I'm afraid it will all come to nothing until the demographics In Tottenham change. But perversely, you're against anything that might change that.

What I meant Stephen, is that some people read my posts on this and other websites. But others don't.
Fair enough.

I dislike the term "the demographics" of a place as that seems to turn people into statistics and categories. However if you mean something like everything should stay the same with the same people always living in the same places, then no, that's not what I think.
As I keep trying to explain, you know next to nothing about me, but keep up a stream of inaccurate comments about an Alan Stanton of your imagination.
Which a shame as you used to make some interesting and valuable contributions about various aspects of life in Berlin. And I keep hoping you might do so again.

Now you dislike reading what I post? Then don't. Tell you what, You carry on posting as usual. I won't respond. Maybe that'll help.

NeilT, just in case you or others haven't yet seen, Nick Walkley has "waltzed" into a new job at the Homes & Communities Agency. (HCA). Here's the Ham & High report. 
It's predictable I suppose, to read his comment that "The council now is in a very different place to what it was back in 2012 when I joined ..."

Yes, that is indeed what I hear from time to time from people still working there.
Although their interpretation of the place it's in, is rather different from his. They are decent principled people still trying to do their best for residents  - however bad things get inside the organisation.

Does that make it Three In A Row....Ita, Kevin and Nick?

Or have I missed any....



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