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Has anyone heard of this or had any experience dealing with the project?


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Have heard about it, seems like a great scheme. I think Haringey did promote it a bit last year as I actually thought it had closed but perhaps that was just for getting a tree planted in the last seasonal cycle.

What's great about it? It's a lot of money to pay for a tree. Next we will be sponsoring foot paths and street lights. 

I thought this is what we paid tax for? 

I liked the idea and proposed a location on my street. They took my money (£200) but chose a completely different location without consulting me. I only found out via a Councillor as I had complained to her previously that Highways said they couldn’t put a tree at that location during the recent “traffic calming” of Wightman Road. Said Councillor then hurriedly messaged Highways and my money was refunded. Highways did suggest two other areas on Alroy Road. I said that I would be interested to know exactly where before I part with my money again but I was met with radio silence even after a reminder email. Doesn’t seem fit for purpose? 

Over in Stroud Green, we're about to see nine trees planted in Albany Road, going in today (Friday 25th) and next Monday, gales permitting. We raised the money amongst us neighbours and have had great support all the way through from Alex (Haringey Tree person) and Lizzie of Trees for Streets. We're very excited about our new trees. 

Same deal last year in St Ann’s, with matched funding (I think) from Haringey, so residents collaborated and it didn’t cost £200 a head. Trees seem to be OK after about a year, but too early to tell if they’ll survive to full maturity

Last year St Ann's got money from the Mayor as one of the areas of London with fewest trees, so there was planting across the area. This was separate to the planting on Glenwood, which was arranged by a group of residents and funds raised from residents and a lottery grant. We then got some trees supplied from the St Ann's allocation as well. Unfortunately someone chopped two of them down at 3am last Thursday. 

Charlotte — Thanks for the clarification. I contributed as a Glenwood resident but wasn’t clear about the grant origin. I’m appalled to hear that trees have been chopped down; why such vandalism?

Is it just me or does anyone else feel uneasy about this? Is this our future, where the state will not provide services if they communities match-fund or pay 100% of the cost. The London, where very few pay tax and things like the health services are pay as you go and community services are funded collectively and only enjoyed by those who can afford to pay. 

Haringey Council uses a company called Barcham to supply at least some of it's trees.

A suitable tree in bulk (10+) delivered ... costs around £200. That does not include planting, protective wooden stakes, guard, water bag. So maybe around £250 per tree.

Which makes the 'Trees for Streets' charge seem fair. Still ... not cheap to green up the neighbourhood.

I have applied / paid for one back at the start of October. Never heard back. Followed up with them end of November and was told that because of the high volume of requests, the location surveys have been delayed. Followed up again - response pending...



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