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See that there's a lot of caravans sited once again in Wood Green by Wolves Lane. They have entered by the White Hart Lane gate that was either already open or they have forced it open, presumably by breaking its lock? If it was left open then why as its not the first time we've had travellers on this land. And if they broke the lock to gain entry then surely that's good reason for a quick eviction? I've experienced travellers in various areas where they have gained access to park their caravans and they are more likely than not to leave behind a complete bloody mess once they've gone. 

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What you say is perfectly true. However the legal obligation on local authorities to provide serviced sites for travellers was revoked by government. Thus there is no legal way for them to stay anywhere. In order to prosecute them, natural justice suggests they should have a legal avenue to pursue their way of life first.

I was working for Haringey, when the Travelers wrecked the Station Road Centre. Taking away any thing they could. And refusing g to pay service costs.

Understand this happened at other expensive sites .set up by Local Authorities

There is still a site at back of Wood Green Civic Centre 

I have relatives in Southern Ireland. That has taken in thousands of refugees

Understand there has been issues. Where Travelers homes in Southern Ireland have been taken over, by refugees.

Rather poetic Justice 

Bob Ruggles

Where exactly?

When exactly?

How many Travellers' homes?

How many Refugees?

Could you turn your relatives' say-so into real evidence?

Why do you feel this is "rather poetic justice"?

Of course there is a legal way for them to stay. They can book and pay on a commercial caravan site. There are many : some in salubrious locations by the seaside.

Cultural differences exist. Some people stay in one place, some people move around to different places.

In this country, a reasonable compromise was reached: local governments agree to provide campsites, Travellers agree to use them. It was a good compromise that functioned perfectly well for several centuries.

It's not the Travellers who stopped making good on the deal.

That why Supermarkets have Spent Millions . On Security and Barriers

Remember reading that they come to a agreement before Covid at Sainsbury's, Cambridge road, Enfield

Then caught report they got a Court Order to move them on

Remember just before Covid at Tesco, Edmonton. . They was in Car Park. But store was closed as our friends was causing issues in Store

Legal sites , was around 40 years ago. Before Refugees become a issue 

following statement No Travellers who was at Fault.  Most of the Issues in my days was in Fighting amongst different Families 



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