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I don't suppose anyone knows who own the flats above the Stapleton Tavern on Stroud Green Road? A gull has been trapped in there for 2 days now and is throwing itself at the window to get out. The pub says they don't have access to the upstairs flats (which look semi derelict). I've contacted the RSPCA but without access I'm not sure they can do much.  I know it's only a gull, but it's very distressed.

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Could a window cleaner reach the window in a ladder in case the window opens? I would be happy to pay. Hate the idea of it starving to death in a room.  Wonder if the pub brewery would know who owns it. Could find out from land registery.  

The pub don't seem keen to help.  My husband has been in twice but they just say they can't help.  I'm not sure if the RSPCA can force their way in to the building - I don't think they have the power to do that.  I'm not sure if they even have the resources to do that.

Here are some wildlife rescue services to try:-

London Wildlife Protection "for injured wildlife anywhere in London" 07909 795 064 (call or text)

Wildlife Aid Foundation 01372 360 404 (emergency hotline)

Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (Enfield) 07970 141282

Hope they can help.

thank you

Try contacting the owners, likely Greene King in Southwold

It's a company called Antic.  I've filled out their web form which is the only contact method available, but I think it will be too late.

That pub from my experience has a zero interest in local affairs - a shame as it is at the heart of the local community.  It's gone seriously downhill recently.   Just beer, football and money. 

If anyone walks past it today and they can still see the gull would you let me know as RSPCA has asked for confirmation (this is the third time).  I won't be in the area until much later.  I suspect it may be dead by now.

Apparently the owner is aware and dealing with it

The pub owners have been to the flats and this is now all sorted.  Thank you to everyone.

Thanks v much. Was it a happy ending ? 




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