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After about two months of traffic light improvement works at the Green Lanes/Hermitage Road junction, the end result is two traffic lights planted in the middle of the cycle path (which on Northbound Green Lanes mounts the pavement for bikes to cross with pedestrians).

So it's not an improvement for cyclists at all! It's disappointing to see that the existing cycle infrastructure is considered disposable by traffic planners...

Photo taken looking southwards. The paintwork on the road still points bikes onto the pavement. The pedestrian diversion sign has been abandoned there for more than a week too.

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An update on this. I sent an email to the "frontline" email address and received a response within 2 weeks: apparently TFL is in charge of all traffic light improvement works, and these two traffic light poles were placed in the bike lane in error. They should be removed and replaced by the end of July - good news! This traffic junction is currently terribly dangerous for bikes turning right since waiting bikes are directly in the face of  oncoming Southbound traffic whilst Northbound cars try to squeeze past.



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