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Traffic chaos/parking green lanes operating properly, the risks for emergency services the already lethal air pollution massively increased by gridlock, howcome parking on both sides of green lanes has not been suspended, so that the only 2 or the 4 lanes are available for transport. Howcome this parking continues to be permitted?

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The businesses would be up in arms. But if parking was suspended it would be so much quicker to get around on the bus and maybe more people would shop on Green Lanes. I certainly shop there less because of the time it takes to get in and out.
It seems to me that the closure of Wightman Road has been pretty much a disaster all round. No changes were made to any streets to ameliorate the hightened traffic on Green Lanes, no plans appeared to have been made to allow any funnelling of cars out of Green Lanes. I have to drive every day and am a disabled driver, and I find the endless waiting and moving two inches at a time really exhausting. Obviously (to me anyway) no consideration was taken to the consequences beforehand. I think this is very poor planning.
Hi Laura. I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're currently experiencing, but even just a cursory search on this site will give you an idea of the planning that was carried out before Wightman Road was closed. Agree or not, one thing that's enormously difficult to justify is an assertion of lack of planning.



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