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Hi, does anyone know what is happening with the swimming pool at Tottenham Green? It was closed down due to a drainage problem about ten months ago. The latest I heard about a month ago was that the Council were considering taking all of Tottenham Green Leisure Centre back into its direct control, is there any other news on this ? I was a regular user of the pool and I can’t believe that it has not been in use for so long now, surely what ever was causing the issue could have been resolved by now. Does anyone know when it is due to reopen ?

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Hi Caroline, thank you for your response. I have done exactly the same as you and also find the Clissold Leisure Centre a lot better than Tottenham Green for the same reasons as you note. However, it is further for me to travel there, and I also think the pool at Tottenham Green has been closed for too long now. Surely something should be done to ensure it opens again soon.  By the way I have also swum in the Olympic Pool in Stratford, that's also operated by Better, I would recommend it, although the lengths are very long !

Oh I totally agree with you, it is disgusting the state Fusion have let the centre get in to. I made several complaints when I was a member and complained to the Council when it was closed for so long. The staff and exercise classes at Tottenham Green were great, but everything else was really poor. I'm quite lucky due to where I live in Harringay, Tottenham Green and Clissold leisure centres are pretty much equidistant for me.

As I understand it (and I may have got this wrong) the fault with the pool is quite complex and I kind of get the impression that no-one knows how to put it right. Water is leaking into the plant room and has knocked out the electrics. No-one knows where the water is coming from !!!. It may involve lack of maintenance by Fusion (or may not) - there are certainly difficulties with Fusion but I think the council is locked into quite a long contract with them, which will be expensive to break. Having said that, if Fusion have broken their side of the contract (and no swimming pool in the east of the borough for nearly a year is really pretty dreadful) maybe this will make breaking the contract easier. See article in July Haringey Community Press. I suggest lobbying the local councillors and Zoe Robertson head of place. Personally I prefer Park road pool!



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