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I just can't get enough of Tootoomoo! I must have visited it at least a dozen times - both at lunch and dinner, mid-week and at weekends and every visit has been a marvellous experience. And the owner and the waiting staff are always so pleasant and helpful, it's no wonder that the place is buzzing all the time. My only gripe when they first opened was having to sit on what resembled milk churns but wisely, they listened to feedback and ditched them!

I've tried just about everything on the menu now - including some new dishes that appeared at the beginning of this month. I have to say my favourite starter is still the tempura prawn - and now that they've got the consistency of the chilli sauce right and ditched most of the vinegar, it is a major experience. As a committed meat eater I would hesitate to recommend just one main above the others but if push came to shove, it would have to be the ‘shaking beef’. And TTM isn't just a venue of choice for meat-eaters - my vegetarian friends have also always come away feeling they haven’t been short-changed in the choice department, so plaudits all round.

Apart from the food, perhaps what gives me most pleasure is the simple fact that this place is SUCCEEDING and deservedly so. When you think of the businesses that preceded it – ‘Pushing up Daises’ (or something like that), the Belgian café which forgot it wasn’t in Brussels and Pizza Express – all came to a sticky end because they just didn’t catch the jetstream at the right moment. I’ve lived in Crouch End for over 30 years and this is one of the very few restaurants that has done well. If you don’t get it right in Crouch End, you know about it pretty quickly (remember Loch Fyne and that death-knell location at the corner of Topsfield Parade and Elder Avenue (now doing well as Melange))? I also like the way as a business, TTM has knitted itself into the local community and is seen to support local causes.

So well done to the guys that have taken the gamble and put in so much effort to bringing something of quality to Crouch End. I’ve nick-named you TOOTOOFAB!

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We had a great time at Dotori i was with someone who knew Korean food and they said they were the best they'd had in north london - like all good eating places there's always a queue

I'd agree with all of that James. My other half is something of a Korean food aficionado and would concur. It's why we were regulars and why we'll be giving it another try. It;s great to see folk praising it - restores my faith. Have you been recently?

Yes, I like it too although I've had the odd dud dish and it is excellent value for money.  I'd go more often if I didn't feel the place wasn't a wee bit on the grubby side.  For Malaysian food Sedap on Old St is great - not Harringay I know but if you have to accompany someone to Moorfields as often as I do, it can be a life saver.  I don't know of any decent Thai restaurants this end of London.  Thais seem to congregate in the West and Southwest, the best I know being 101 Thai Kitchen on King St (Stamford Brook tube), The Heron (a bit hardcore but great) in a grotty pub basement behind Edgware Road and Khaosarn in Brixton Market (they also have a branch in Battersea).


Sedap on Old Street, eh. Great will give that a try. Thank you. There's a Malaysian place on CX Road - about no 65 or something. They got a new roti chef a few months ago and now the roti canai rate up there with the best in London. Worth a try if you get a yen. 

Agree on Fuji Foods, it's absolutely amazing. A little, lovely, non-pushy gem.

I'm going to have to come out as a TTM supporter, despite the advertising gushyness. Have had both home delivery (with the HoL 20% discount) and eat there. The takeaways were only ok, i think its hard to get food like this still at its best after a 20 minute motorbike ride, but eating there was good. The main thing for us though is how child friendly it is to eat there, almost before we'd sat down they handed out big pots of crayons and colouring pencils to the kids and flipping over the menus there are colouring and drawing games. The food isn't very spicy, maybe if you ask, which means that children like it, and they do fancy coloured drinks.  Its my 4 year old's favorite restaurant.

Went to see what all the fuss was about last night. It's got a nice vibe and very pleasant service but I can't say I was overwhelmed with the food - some dishes were better than others, and we both disliked one of the main courses so much we hardly touched it. For two the bill was almost £65 so not a cheap eat compared to around here (well, we did have two cocktails, but no wine or beer.)

Finally relented and had a takeout from there. It was the most overpriced, mediocre meal I've had in a long time. I really thought they'd be better. The sushi rolls would make the Fujis as Fuji Foods blush with embarrassment, they were utterly disgusting. Bland, tasteless, just unnecessary. The rest was forgettable. The bill was not. Won't order from there again.



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