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I just can't get enough of Tootoomoo! I must have visited it at least a dozen times - both at lunch and dinner, mid-week and at weekends and every visit has been a marvellous experience. And the owner and the waiting staff are always so pleasant and helpful, it's no wonder that the place is buzzing all the time. My only gripe when they first opened was having to sit on what resembled milk churns but wisely, they listened to feedback and ditched them!

I've tried just about everything on the menu now - including some new dishes that appeared at the beginning of this month. I have to say my favourite starter is still the tempura prawn - and now that they've got the consistency of the chilli sauce right and ditched most of the vinegar, it is a major experience. As a committed meat eater I would hesitate to recommend just one main above the others but if push came to shove, it would have to be the ‘shaking beef’. And TTM isn't just a venue of choice for meat-eaters - my vegetarian friends have also always come away feeling they haven’t been short-changed in the choice department, so plaudits all round.

Apart from the food, perhaps what gives me most pleasure is the simple fact that this place is SUCCEEDING and deservedly so. When you think of the businesses that preceded it – ‘Pushing up Daises’ (or something like that), the Belgian café which forgot it wasn’t in Brussels and Pizza Express – all came to a sticky end because they just didn’t catch the jetstream at the right moment. I’ve lived in Crouch End for over 30 years and this is one of the very few restaurants that has done well. If you don’t get it right in Crouch End, you know about it pretty quickly (remember Loch Fyne and that death-knell location at the corner of Topsfield Parade and Elder Avenue (now doing well as Melange))? I also like the way as a business, TTM has knitted itself into the local community and is seen to support local causes.

So well done to the guys that have taken the gamble and put in so much effort to bringing something of quality to Crouch End. I’ve nick-named you TOOTOOFAB!

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It's intended to be - is there a problem with raving about a new business bringing something to the community?

Although I agree with you, CE is particularly cruel, IMHO and experience which was the point I was trying to make. What I didn't make clear in the original post is that TTM is on the site of those failed businesses I mentioned.

Jessica thats just what I was wondering! TTM is ok but really??

I have to say that my last meal there was delicious. Standouts for me were the duck and watermelon and soft shell crab tempura with the jalapeño aioli. I know they're advertisers, but I have never and will never give an endorsement I don't genuinely believe.

I think your reaction was no doubt kindly meant, but a little harsh, Jessica.

I'm with Jessica on this. I think it's the "Tootoofab" that made this sound just a tad over the top. But if this is a genuine review then im happy for the person who obviously enjoyed themselves rather a lot. Have yet to try them, as I have been a little put off by the "sharing" posts on here, it's a bit much. We shall see.

Honestly, try it Anette. I enjoyed it - wouldn't say so if I didn't mean it.

Have seriously been put off by all the gushing. The new tapas place Park Road is higher on my list of places to try. It's meant to be amazing, super busy all the time now.

Good to hear.

Have you tried the online ordering service yet?

Sounds good.

BTW, what did you eat at Tootoomoo? Any recommendations?

Had a takeaway from TTM this evening.  Rumours of fabulousness greatly exaggerated in my opinion - there's a lot better Asian food to be had in London.  On the other hand I've had worse versions of the standards.  The tofu salad came off the best with fresh, original ingredients although it was pretty underseasoned.  It's the kind of place I'd be happy to get a takeaway from around once a year with an offer on mitigate the high prices (I'm referring to food, not drink).  I wouldn't dream of going for a sit-down meal.  In summary I'd call it souped up standard UK takeaway fare rather than proper Asian food.  Marketing good but a bit pushy for my taste.  Avoid the Shichimi Salt Squid.

The takeaway gold standard in my view is Fuji Foods on Priory Road by the bottom of Muswell Hill.  Pricy but worth every penny.


Dotori are fantastic, have only been a few times but very impressed on each occasion. Very small place though, and popular, so can be a wait. It is opposite Rowans bowling alley.

Dotori has been very good but I'm sorry to say that my last two experiences haven't been up to the mark.  Every good restaurant has its off days, I'll totally forgive a normally good restaurant that. So we'll be giving it another go, but I'll be looking for a return to form next time.

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy Tootoomoo, Vaneska. I'm not one for gushing or false praise, but as I've written elsewhere I ate there recently and genuinely thoroughly enjoyed my meal - all of it. 



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