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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

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The post isn’t intended to legitimise violence however as it appears to have taken place at McDonald’s green lanes, I therefore see it as whollyrelevant ‘news’. 

Get a grip. Some people on here really need to get out more. 

typical rightwinger, throwing out words like snowflake and lefty thugs.

Well, this area has a proud history of attacking racists, physically.  I suggest you read up on our local social history

Some people on here need to accept that other people's opinions are as valid as their own.

Assuming that " What a shame ! " is sarcastic it really means " Oh good " which, in turn means " I condone violence "

It's actually pretty obvious that it's a setup.

As I've said, the Suffragettes used violence, including arson of many Cricket Club Pavilions!

I think, instead of using the term Suffragettes, which is too general, you should refer to the cricket-hating Women's Social and Political Union.

wow Lori, I wish your views on travellers were as wholesome  as your views on fascism.. 

if you mean by me proving you wrong?  then yes, here we go again.. 

The fight is completely staged.  None of the punches connect,Tommy is floored by an air punch and the kicking is way too soft. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. what's most worrying is it could be used as an excuse to get  a load of fascists coming down to demo. 

What POTUS said is why I think it was staged. Is that not enough? Would you please take a look at the video again with reference to his comments.

I think you're referring to the Socialist Workers Party as fascists, I think you need to read up on what a fascist is. "The history of Fascist ideology is long and it involves many sources. Fascists took inspiration from as far back as the Spartans for their focus on racial purity and their emphasis on rule by an elite minority." <- The SWP? Really?


Biggest of the lot. 



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