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The window for consultation on the latest stage of the Harringay Traffic Study Closes in just over a week on 14th May.

I've made a couple of recent posts on this:

If you would like to complete the consultants' survey, you can do so at http://www.haringey.gov.uk/transport/green-lanes-area-transport-study

For me. it's not an effective way of submitting my feedback (which you can read via the second link above). If, like me, you would prefer to send free format comments, you can follow what I did and email the consultants and copy Haringey Traffic officers:

To: david.sutanto@sdgworld.net

cc: Razak.Mahama@haringey.gov.uk and Peter.Boddy@haringey.gov.uk

If you like, you can also copy in our ward councillors: Zena.Brabazon@haringey.gov.uk and gina.adamou@haringey.gov.uk

If you have a couple of days to spare, you can read all the comments made on HoL about this issue by clicking on the harringay traffic study tag below in blue.

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Thanks for the reminder. I emailed them.

OoO from all but Peter Boddy. Back on the 8th.

Thanks Hugh

There has been a lot posts on this I see and I haven't been able to go through them all, but I've sent the following to the people you mention above but if anyone else on here can help with my questions, I would be happy to hear them before I submit a more formal response:

I am a local resident and have a few questions regarding the traffic study in Harringay.
I am not a transportation expert but I am aware that many councils are changing from one way traffic, back to counterflow.  Could you or someone at Haringey Council please explain would you think one way vehicular traffic would be a good option for Wightman Road? Perhaps there are recent international examples which are working well?  It would also be a costly to implement.  Is TfL backing the project and would we be a pilot? 
I can see that a designated cycle route on Wightman Road is a sensible and safer option to Green Lanes and worked well during the bridge closure, but how would this be occupied with car parking for residents, greening, footpaths and vehicular traffic?  Although you provide some cross sections, there will be sections of Wightman Road where you will struggle to find the required highway width.  I am specifically thinking Alroy Road, at the end of Wightman Road (Endymion Road end).  It would have been useful if we could have seen more cross sections for these more difficult sections as it is hard for residents to make a judgement.
Cllr Adamou is possibly most familiar with the petition and subsequent consultation and work to the junction of Alroy Road/ Endymion Road.  This work did not improve accessibility for pedestrians or cyclists as intended and for this recent traffic study, residents were promised that it would be picked up again.
I duly submitted my comments at the last round of consultation, as did others.  I was then a bit surprise that the solution at this junction was to create an entry point to Finsbury Park on the eastern side of this junction on Endymion Road.  Could you please explain?  Is this rational bourn out of data which shows that the largest group of people who crossed this junction on a particular day, sought to cross at this point and to enter the park?
It would seem more sensible to have crossing points across Alroy Road and to the west of junction on Endymion road as these are the natural desire lines for people walking between Finsbury Park/ Stroud Green and Green Lanes/ Harringay Shopping Arena.  I've lived on Alroy Road for 14 years and I have seen families with buggies and disabled people struggle to get across this junction many times and it has got worse in recent months as the new junction and road markings have made it easier for traffic to turn and therefore they increase their speed.  The speed bump on Alroy Road has also deteriorated over the years, making it no longer fit for purpose and thus speeds have increased once more.



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